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About Us

BMG-IRAQ is a subsidiary of BMG ( AlBawasil Trading co. ) that is located in Dubai, UAE and was founded in 1998 to become a leading whole Sale Trading company and an Apple authorized Distributor and Reseller.

Through key partnership and strategic collaborations with communication titans such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei, BMG has succeeded to earn its position efficiently. Just like a machine where each moving part contributes to the overall power and performance, each member of the BMG team has a greater purpose: to serve their customers in the best possible way.
As an extension to its success, BMG is attempting to open new regional branches. Hence, Iraq is a promising telecommunication market, BMG has launched its branch in Baghdad in May, 2021.

BMG- Iraq is an authorized Apple Service Provider. It delivers high-quality maintenance for all Apple devices, whether under warranty, in AppleCare or out of warranty. Apple trains the company’s technicians in the latest hardware and software, honing their expertise in the latest advances in all Apple devices and Mac technology. Services include Macs and iPhone services, repairs and upgrades.
Apple devices are woven into the routine of everyday life, and if something goes wrong, a professional hand is critical.